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Mounia Sahara

Silver Globe Records - Mounia Sahara Bio

MOUNIA SAHARA : The African Princess   

Mounia `Sahara` Ezzahar, born in Morocco-North Africa; She migrated to Canada with her parents at the tender age of two years old where she was surrounded by music constantly, due to the fact that her father was the Bass player for a group called `The Box`. She was always playing with the instruments and singing with her Dad as she grew older.

At age ten, she entered her first Young Talent Contest; she blew them away and won the event. She continued singing for a period of time until she lost interest for some time pursuing other endeavors.
She was rediscovered by her husband and producer Delroy `Silverado` Roberts who practicaly `forced` her into the studios.

In December 1997, Mounia sang harmonies for Ken Booth`s `Sparkle` Re-mix by Young Lion`s Studio for Vintage Reggae Tribute to Delroy Wilson. Her début performance with Everton Blender in April 1999, was a total sensation that warmed the hearts of the audiences. With her 1st C.D. album completed and ready for release very soon, the stage should be set for this magnificent new artist : Mounia!
May 2000, Silver Globe Records has release Mounia on her first single entitled, `RASTA`, as well as Admiral Tibbet on Mounia`s `Rasta` instrumental as a single. The singles are distributed by Penthouse Records.
Listen for her !

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